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Ecommerce Tech

Ecommerce teams: Get a free tech stack consultation with Derric Haynie. He will review your existing tools and look for gaps and opportunities to move towards for the future. He'll introduce you to the latest cutting edge tools for your store, as well as show you the antiquated ones you may be working with today.

Effin Amazing

Build your MarTech stack in real-time with Dan McGaw. Find cost-cutting opportunities, discover tools that put your business at risk and walk away with a mitigation plan designed to help your business move forward and thrive during this or any crisis.


Summit attendees exclusive. Get 15% off on your next purchase of Wordly for real-time simultaneous translation for your meetings and virtual events. Easily expand your audience and engagement of your meetings to be inclusive of those who understand better in their own language. Wordly works seamlessly with multiple platforms.


A lot has changed in the last few weeks. Hear from three veterans from the retail/e-commerce industry share their take on the evolving market and changing state of the industry. Summit attendees have access to the on-demand Segment webinar: Adapting to rapidly changing market realities in e-commerce, featuring speakers from Shipt and Arfa.


HeySummit makes it easy for anyone to plan to organize, and produce virtual summits.

Everything from landing pages, tickets, offers & giveaways, email reminders, viral incentives, speaker & affiliate management, scheduling, plus integrations with the major webinar platforms like Zoom and BigMarker, as well as live-streaming platforms like Vimeo Live and YouTube Live, and pre-recorded sources like Wistia, VooPlayer and more. All in one platform.

Exclusively through our Summit, receive 25% off any HeySummit plan for life.


EngageDirect gives an exclusive 50% OFF in the Professional service software. Sign up today and discover the easiest route to your intended influencers in the target segment, manage lead enrichment, or upload your desired domain with prospect Insights. Use the code SHORTLIST throughout May 2020. Happy prospecting!

Growth Team

Hire the best in growth. Join our curated job board for performance marketing, demand generation, and product growth professionals. Post your first job for free, use code "GMC"

Growth Hackers

Attendees of the Summit get an exclusive 20% OFF in any GrowthHackers product. Centralize your growth operation with Experiments, manage your content creation with Workflow, or get personalized interpretations of your traffic-data using Insights. Use the coupon VIRTUALSUMMIT and join + 3000 growth teams today.


Omniconvert offers 5M euro in technology credits for any eCommerce merchants with <100 employees. With Omniconvert Explore you can increase online sales through A/B testing, Web Personalization, Overlays, and Surveys.